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SS and CG (Chapter 2)

The professor made Ibrahim work day and night to get to the level he wanted. "You're late, Ibrahim. You should've started ages ago." the professor kept telling him. Especially before the second high school year started, Ibrahim had hours of work every single day. On some days, he only slept 4 hours taking classes in the morning and night, then doing homework in at noon and the afternoon. He worked relentlessly just to learn English and eventually achieve his dreams. Ibrahim thought it was nice because it helped him focus on things that aren't related to finding a girl to love. Not that he didn't talk to the professor about it. He kept on talking about different stuff that involved love, but the professor always said, "Focus, Ibrahim, you're already late, and thinking about love would only waste your time." Ibrahim didn't agree with the professor's point of view, but he had to do it. He wanted to achieve his dreams, after all.

The year started, and Ibrahim went to the Bright students' supervisor like what he always does. "The grades for Bright's exams will be available next week. Did you do good on them?" asked the supervisor. "Yes, don't worry. The school will get a good rank this year." Ibrahim replied, assuring the supervisor. The relationship between the supervisor and Ibrahim was more than just a student supervisor. It was more like a father-son relationship. The supervisor always looked to Ibrahim as the leader of Bright students. Especially after the new year's Bright students. Ibrahim helped with managing the new students and helping them manege different stuff.

Ibrahim had to attend a course with the professor, and when he went, he saw that there were many people that he didn't know. One of the new Bright students from his school was in the course too, and he got along with Ibrahim quickly. His name was Salem, a very nerdy boy on so many levels. He wore glasses, was heavy, and quite short. He had white skin, silky black hair, and honey eyes. He might have looked a bit weird, but his intellect clicked with Ibrahim, and they quickly became close.

There was also another student from BPHS. He didn't attend all the time, though. "He's a smart guy. You would probably like him, Ibrahim. He has to focus on other stuff for now so he won't come as often." said the professor. Ibrahim got excited to meet him, but it didn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon, so he let it go.

The exam results came, and the supervisor called for Bright students. They went to his office to find out about their scores. "Ibrahim, you scored the highest in math but didn't do as good at the rest. Firas, you were okay at all of them. Rashid, you weren't too bad, but you should improve." the supervisor said. Ibrahim asked, "Did we get a rank on the country?" The supervisor replied enthusiastically, "Yes, we were fourth in math. We want to do good at the rest of the subjects too."

Ibrahim didn't care about the other subjects. Math was the only one that he could use his analytical skills as much. The teachers didn't help either. Ibrahim only liked the math teacher. The rest were, "They are horrible. I mean they aren't horrible, but they are complicating things for no reason." said Ibrahim to his Bright mates. "We have to worry about QT too. And next year, CT." Firas said.

Qualification Test, QT, was a math and language test, and the Comprehension Test, CT, was a math, physics, chemistry, and biology test. They were required for students to apply for national undergraduate programs and scholarships for abroad universities. "Qualification isn't that hard. It's similar to the Bright entry test, so we will do fine. I don't know about Comprehension, though." said Ibrahim. He was the least worried because he took many courses about QT when he was in middle school.

The professor was happy about Ibrahim's progress in English and told, "Okay, now you have to do extracurricular activities in addition to working on your English." Ibrahim started looking for possible extracurricular activities to do. The easiest were volunteering and taking courses, so that's what he started doing. His father didn't like that, "You should focus on school. You can't strip yourself thin and do so many things at the same time. I know people who were only one grade to be accepted at a university. They won't look at your volunteering or anything, so focus on school." Hearing the same thing so many times just made Ibrahim ignore whatever his father had to say. He never actually looked into universities or anything. He only heard people talking about different stuff and was, very very focused on the job like nothing else mattered.

Knowledge and expertise were more of what Ibrahim was looking at. Excelling at Computer Science and math would be his dream. Being able to do research and create inventions was just everything for Ibrahim. It didn't matter to Ibrahim if he couldn't find a job or had a low salary one as long as he could do that. His father thought it was foolish since Ibrahim would have to get married and have children. A low salary job would make things very hard on them. Ibrahim thought if it would, then he wouldn't have children, but still wanted love and a wife.

He started to ignore school more just to prove his father wrong. He got a very high percentage in the first year. It was 99.2%. His Bright students scored 100% and other of his classmates too. His father thought he should've got 100%, and received a thank you note from the teacher for upbringing such a great student. Ibrahim just felt that grades aren't as necessary and wanted to find other more important factors. He started to search for what universities looked for to focus on them and found out that personality is the most important at his dream university.

"Past success is what proves future success" was a sentence he read in a blog run by an admission team for the university. Success meant to Ibrahim creating a research paper or joining the math olympiad. So he tried to do that. All the while volunteering and entering a different kind of courses.

He created a checklist to finish before applying to universities that included getting high scores in different tests, volunteering for hundreds of hours, tens of certificates for courses, working part-time, and many others. "What do you think, professor?" Ibrahim asked. "That's actually great if you can do all of them. You have to focus. It's a lot of work," The professor replied.

Ibrahim was determined to do this. He tried to find every chance he had for a better chance of getting accepted and did it. It became overwhelming at times, but ignoring the school's existence helped tremendously.

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