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Sacrificial Love (Chapter 3)

The next morning I woke up before the bells could signal for breakfast. I got dressed and began packing all my important belongings. Well, headmistress, you didn't want me going? So I will be doing exactly that. The three other girls in the room were all fast asleep, the only being heard was their loud snores that echoed through the room. I almost giggled but prevented myself. I couldn't have anyone waking up now and seeing me pack as everyone was aware that I was not allowed on this journey. I couldn't risk being caught.

The more I thought of it, the more upset I got. I hadn't done anything to the headmistress, except maybe sneak into her office and steal her biscuits a few times or maybe play a few pranks but those were utterly harmless yet she turned it into a huge fiasco. I would make sure to go regardless of what she said, but before that, I planned on going to her office a final time and requesting her to let me leave, but if that failed I'd have no choice but to forcefully go.

I went through my belongings not able to decide which was more important and which wasn't. I packed a couple of dresses and hair ties along with my diary. I would have never forgotten it for the life of me it was basically an inside portal into my thoughts and mind, a place I definitely didn't want most people to enter.

I was told that all the girls were only carrying their essential belongings and a few dresses which is why I couldn't overpack either as my straw woven rucksack wouldn't bear the weight. Once I had completed packing I tip-toed out of the room and opened the door as lightly as I could. These doors were quite squeaky at the worst of times but to my luck, no sound emerged to which I was thankful. Things might be working in my favor after all.

I surveyed the room one final time. The curtains were shut closed to prevent any sunlight from gathering inside so that we could sleep. It's not like the sun disappeared ever all day which is why we covered the windows. The wooden beds were situated in each corner with a girl sleeping except for mine, and it might not be occupied for a very long time. That thought thrilled me, I'm so close to escaping I could smell the freedom.

I smiled to myself as I stared into the room."Bye-bye old rusty dorm room, you shall not be missed."

As I said those words I turned around to come face to face with the headmistress and two of the house guards with her. She had her arms crossed as she stared at me in disappointment.

"I'm not surprised, ladies take her."The headmistress ordered the burly looking women to forcefully take me to which they obeyed her.

They snatched my belongings out of my hands and threw it on the floor and then proceeded to hold me by my arms as they pulled me out of the room, it all happened in a second I didn't even have a second to comprehend the situation.

"Headmistress what's going on?!" I yelled to her as she kept walking while struggling to get rid of the grip on my arms.

"We'll talk in my office."The headmistress didn't even bother turning around. She simply continued walking as I got dragged to her office.

At that moment I felt like all hope was lost, the headmistress knew me too well to believe that I wouldn't try anything sketchy. The she-guards plopped me onto the chair in the headmistress's office and proceeded out of the room leaving me alone with her.

"Why can't I go?"I narrowed my eyes at her hoping she would notice the death glares I kept throwing at her as she sat behind her desk.

She placed her hands on her desk and propped herself forward as she gave me her most earnest stare that I knew too well.

"Alaria, you will not be going anywhere I thought I made myself clear to you."

"What?Because I caused a commotion at dinner last night? You're going to leave me behind for something so small?"

"It's not about that, you're not going, either way, this trip isn't for you."

"Oh right, this probably has to do with the fact that I am too different from everyone else right?"I provoked the headmistress with my words well aware that she did not like it whenever I mentioned the fact that I was different.

She shut her eyes and inhaled a deep breath."It is about that, you're just too different Alaria, you don't fit in, you never did and that is the biggest problem right now."

Hurt flashed in my eyes as the headmistress said those words. Of all people, the headmistress should have been the more considerate one.

"So I am supposed to stay here while everyone else leaves?"

"Yes, you will make it easier if you listen to me, I have to get all the girls ready. You will not be leaving my office if you know what's good for you."The headmistress's eyes pleaded with me even though her words revealed a threat.

I was well aware that arguing or fighting with her would not make any difference, she wouldn't change her mind, I knew her that much. I kept silent and seated myself on a chair avoiding any eye contact with her.

"Alaria."The headmistress moved her hand to my shoulder to which I flinched purposely. She moved her hands back and sighed."One day you will thank me."With those last words, she stepped out of the office locking it behind her leaving me alone.

I stood up in aggravation and yelled angrily to the only thing that surrounded me being the walls and the sunlight that streamed in through the windows. I kicked the chair to the floor and pulled at my hair still screaming.

I was the one singled out, I was the one who was abandoned and left behind. I got called names and made fun of, yet it was not enough because it did not seem like my fate was going to change anytime soon. I had to think logically without anger to understand the situation and find a solution. I calmed myself down by breathing in and out and I began analyzing the situation.

Girls disappeared, and now a new batch of girls was leaving. The strangers who appeared were not in any way normal, the dark aura they held could be felt from a distance and their eyes were not the eyes you find anywhere near here and if it were found, you'd be killed for the difference you portrayed.

I walked towards the window that showcased the gardens and the footpaths that led to the exit of this all girls-living home. I stared thoughtfully into the sky urging myself to think of a way to escape and join everyone else when I spotted the two men from dinner last night walking to a carriage. It was hard to distinguish anything about them other than the fact that they both donned capes and were clad in black. Their backs were facing the window and I doubted that it would be possible for them to see me unless they focussed really hard and turned around.

As I was about to turn around an idea struck me. I remembered the headmistress's words from last night that they were important people and we weren't allowed to look at them. Being forbidden from looking at someone usually meant that they were of important status and looking at them could cause you to be in huge trouble. They obviously had meant to take every girl here and I was positive that included me.

I smirked to myself, I was a genius! I knew exactly what I had to do to leave this place without doing any hard work. I rested my arms on the window sill and I scanned the gardens making sure no one else was present except these mysterious men.

Once I was sure it was a clean slate I turned my back to the window and began yelling."Headmistress! It is not okay to deceive these men, you can't lock me in here and prevent me from leaving."I paused making sure my voice projected loud enough to reach the two men's ears.

I didn't turn around to see whether the men turned their attention to me or not, I had to make the scene look as legitimate as it possibly could. I had to pretend the headmistress was present with me and make them aware that I was being locked in here so that it would stir up trouble and by chance, I might be able to leave with everyone.

"No, I am not staying here let me out, headmistress, "I screamed extra loud, and then on cue, I turned around to see the two men facing my direction, I still could not see their face but it didn't matter at this point.

"Help me you two, she's not letting me out. I saw your face and she's trying to hide the fact that I did."The words tumbled out of my mouth before I realized what I said. I wanted to be out so it did not matter to me what I said as long as it would do the trick.

One of the men twitched as I said that but they both turned around to face the carriage simultaneously ignoring me. I slumped down against the wall into a ball and hugged my knees to my chest. I made myself look an idiot and they did not even try doing anything. It was a fact now, I would be stuck here all alone.

As I was sulking on the floor my eyes spotted the cookie jar on the headmistresses table and I lit up immediately. Nothing like a good cookie to lighten me up. I stood up and walked to the table where the jar lied when I spotted a piece of paper on her table. I raised my brow in curiosity as I stared at the paper, the headmistress was known for writing her thoughts and feelings on papers and burning them. She always did it with a specific parchment paper, the one that currently sat on her desk, however it seemed like she forgot to burn it.

I knew it would be wrong of me to look at the content on the page but I couldn't hold myself back being the curious person I was. I grabbed the paper and read out the words.

"Her safety means her survival, her survival means she can live just as they always wished. Never can she know of the mark, the mark that-"Before I could continue reading the rest of the words the paper was snatched from my hand and I was pulled back into the embrace of someone. Their arm was wrapped around me securing me against their chest when I felt a sharp metal against my neck.

"Shhh, one word, and this knife will slice your throat."

I gulped with tears stinging at the brim of my eyes. At that moment I was sure of only one thing, it took a second for your life to be at risk, simply a second.

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