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Improving Your Story/Novel: 13 Tips To Make The Reader More Engaged

The more engaged the reader is, the better the story/novel is. Probably the most crucial thing to a writer is that they want the reader to finish your story/novel. Thinking about this can be frustrating at times, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 13 tips on how to make readers more engaged:

1. Details

It is easier to imagine if there are specific details. Whether they are about scenes of characters, there must be enough details to have a similar image in most readers' heads. Therefore, imagining can keep readers' enjoyment.

2. Conflict

The plot of the story is usually the conflict. The more exotic it is, the more engaged the reader will be. There can be more than one conflict by introducing problems to the character with themselves, with others, or with uncontrollable circumstances.

3. Avoid technical mistakes

If there isn't consistency in your fantasy world, the reader will likely get confused and possibly bored. If the world is real, make sure to get the fact straight by searching for them. Saying something like "Chris called Serena" or "He entered his Ferrari to go to save his friend" can be weird if you are reading a novel/story in the 18th century. Names, technology, and other factors are essential to be correct and consistent.

4. Mix the known with the unknown

If there was something unusual or if it is a fantasy world, finding something relatable would help the readers engage with it. If everything was unknown, things could get unhandy, and the reader can lose focus.

5. Emotions and feelings

Describing how the character feels would help the reader engage. Knowing if the character was angry so he started kicking his friend and accordingly killed him wouldn't be the same as if he just started kicking him and then his friend died.

6. Protestation

If there was something wrong with the world, make your characters do something about it, or at least say something.

7. Hooks and titles

The first thing the reader sees in the book and the start of chapters is the title, which can generate curiosity about what will the rest of the book or chapter includes. Also, the first few sentences in the book and each of its chapters is the first thing that the reader will read. Having an intriguing start means there is something that will grab their attention for a while.

8. Cliffhanger

Wanting to know what happens next is what drives the reader. If you stopped at the right moment, the reader would want to read more to know what will happen.

9. Pace

If the character is in a hurry, having shorter paraphrases and sentences can make the reader feel more rushed. It could also be used to make statements or amplify the meaning of something valuable by getting back to the same point over and over.

10. Choose a genre

Choosing a genre for your story will ensure that there is already an audience who will likely enjoy what you will write. Having too many not related genres can become confusing or be for a small audience. Therefore, most people won't be engaged in something that they are not interested in.

11. Choose a style and be consistent at it

There are different ways of telling the story/novel. While you can mix styles often, it can be tricky. Sometimes a novel/story can be great, but having a different ending of what the reader expects can lead them to think it's a bad book. At the same time, having a predicted end can ruin some types of books, such as mystery.

12. Characters past

The character didn't exist at the start of the story/novel. Including moments that changed the character or influenced them to do something can be exciting.

13. Remind the reader by summaries

If the character has gone through several situations, it is often helpful to the reader to have a summary. You can include that in a conversation such as saying, "I've gone through a lot. This, that, and that happened."

All these tips will help help you make your art better. You don't have to do them in the way explained. You probably could customize them for your story/novel and use them better.

Always remember to make it fun. That is why almost every single story/novel reader wants.

I hope this post was helpful and can help you with writing your story or novel. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. And don't forget to like, and share with your loved ones.

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